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Primary Power Electric is a commercial Phoenix electrical contractor that is focused on anything from small tenant improvements to full scale ground up Projects. We pride ourselves with the quality of work we provide our clients. Why struggle with faulty wiring and lighting that brings the electric bills up? Our trained team of Technicians will do everything in their power to exceed your expectations! We work with industry leading professionals from all over the United States to ensure the work we do is nothing if not the highest quality service. The services we do consist of new construction, panel upgrade, tenant improvement and industrial electrical construction.

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New Construction:

With over 20 years of experience in the industry Primary Power Electric is very familiar with the competitive space as a Phoenix electrical contractor. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build through the bidding and negotiation process. Once awarded a project we are fully committed to completing a project successfully within Budget and on schedule. Our relationships with the General contractors are important and that is why we do everything in our power to make the project go as smoothly as possible. Primary Power electric is up for whatever challenge is thrown at us whether it is small, large or anything in between. we will get the job done. From land to building and infrastructure we are dedicated to making your upcoming new construction a reality.

Panel Upgrades

Phoenix and its surrounding areas are full of buildings that are outdated and many of them require upgrades in order to fit the tenants needs. As the Phoenix Metro Area keeps growing into a more technology focused business industry their Phoenix electrical contractor needs grow as well. Primary Power Electric is able provide a solution for these problems. We can work with electrical service providers such as APS and SRP not only to ensure everything is done to code but that we get your problem fixed. No matter what industry you are in, From medical facilities, to restaurants, hotels, educational or retail we can solve your electrical needs.

Tenant Improvement

Are you planning on expanding your business or maybe you’ve been in business for years and need a new look? Are you ready to open another location? Whatever your situation may be we will make it our mission to fulfill your vision. Our team of technicians are able to remove or add to your existing space and accommodate it to your needs. By upgrading your existing power and lighting systems we will make it our goal to design a system that is as efficient and beautiful. We will work hand and hand with your architect and or designer to build your dream space. If your existing facility is outdated and struggling with your current electrical demands we work hard to design a system that suffices your electrical demand, complies with national codes in order to make the finished product just what you envisioned within your budget. We pride ourselves on completing a project on schedule and follow through to succession.

With over 20 years of experience as a Phoenix electrical contractor we are no stranger to working unorthodox hours and in occupied spaces. We will do everything we need to do to fit into your schedule. We offer experience, reliability and high quality workmanship. Within our structure we allow you to take hold over critical decisions by reviewing all the options presented to you.

Service Calls

We are here to serve our business community as a Phoenix electrical contractor. Our technicians are experts in troubleshooting issues within electrical systems as well as helping with minor additions such as a few receptacles, changing lamps or ballasts on interior as well as exterior luminaires. We can do complete system rewiring and lighting retrofits. Although it may seem normal, that buzzing coming from the electrical panels, meters or even transformers may be more than just a sound. Our highly skilled technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and give you the results you are looking for. Give us a call and you will be taken care of! Our business is keeping your business going effectively and efficiently.

LED Retrofits

No one wants a high electric bill from a Phoenix electrical contractor, retrofitting your space with all LED you will save on energy due to the lower wattage lights, however more importantly your heat factor will go down drastically and these luminaires are virtually maintenance free. For Businesses large or small it is our business to keep your business as effective and efficient as possible.

Emergency StandBy Generator Replacement

An Emergency generator is a must for many businesses, it is a very important piece of equipment that can keep your customers Dining , Playing or literally alive! By providing continuous power on a temporary basis when your electrical system goes down. Making sure your generator is up and running in good health and without fail is important and could be the difference between you and your competitors. If you are interested in a replacement, repair or install of a new emergency generator system please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and estimate from a licensed and professional Phoenix electrical contractor. We can include all engineering and permit fees within your proposal.

Parking Lot Lighting

Primary Power Electric is a highly experienced Phoenix electrical contractor in diagnosing,repairing and installing complete infrastructure for large commercial parking lot lighting. As well as retrofitting old existing light poles making your property look bright, updated and safe for your tenants and their patrons as well as energy efficient at a 4 to 1 multiplier. Please contact us for a completely free diagnostic and estimate.